Great Smoky Mountain National Park

After spending some time on the Blue Ridge Parkway and in North Carolina we headed west over to Great Smoky Mountain National Park. What a pretty place to visit in the fall!

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-01_zps83ac5ca6.jpg

We were lucky enough to arrive during the Elk Rut.

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-15_zpsce7cc242.jpg

We got to do some trout fishing in the National Park. Fishing in the streams and rivers of this park was really fun and took us off the hiking trail to some pretty and more remote spots.

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-04_zpsf227406e.jpg

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-14_zpsb8fcdb3c.jpg

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-10_zps38616cc0.jpg

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-11_zps985de335.jpg

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-06_zpsbc1d924b.jpg

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-05_zps4e8d3206.jpg

Here I am at the top of the park looking out over the mountains. There was a great observation tower, it was a tough hike to get up to it!

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-13_zps149e8db2.jpg

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-12_zps933c1e4a.jpg

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-09_zpsd3a4f1da.jpg

Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the most visited National Park in the country!

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-08_zps2ffc64a3.jpg

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-07_zps3b56c405.jpg

We also got some local culture in when we stopped by a plow festival at a farm near our campground. Here's a square dance club performing.

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-03_zpsc14d5290.jpg

 photo 11-7-14GreatSmokeyMtnNP-02_zpsf00bc5cc.jpg

Next we're off to Atlanta!
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