My Ideal Day

At night as I fall asleep, I like to imagine what my perfect/ideal day would look like.

First, I would wake up in a beach bungalow preferably in Hawaii, Bora Bora, or any other beautiful South Pacific Island around 8:30-9am.

Then, I would take a leisurely bike ride over to the beach front yoga studio and start the day off with a wonderful 1 hour yoga class.

Next, I would ride back over to the bungalow and get in the pool overlooking the ocean to cool off. Next, I would enjoy a lovely bagel with lox and a coffee for brunch.

Next up, I would like to go do something adventurous such as snorkeling, sailing, or surfing for a few hours.

Around 1 or 2, I would then like to enjoy a small lunch, maybe some sushi and some fruit by the pool along with a tropical drink, most likely a lava flow

Then I would spend the next few hours sleeping/reading by the pool or on the beach while listening to The Zac Brown Band until about 5 pm.

After my long fabulous day outside, I would then go back to my beach bungalow to clean up and chill for about an hour before going out to a delicious dinner of fish tacos and sweet potato fries with my favorite people (they would all be with me of course). We would talk and laugh for a couple of hours and then enjoy some ice cream on our walk back to the beach bungalow.

I would wrap up the night by taking one last dip in the pool under the stars and then watch/fall asleep to a good movie with my husband.

What does your ideal day look like??
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