Kansas City Wildlife

Ever since moving to the Kansas City area, I have spotted quite a lot of wildlife to my surprise!

I love animals and I get surprisingly excited when I spot an exceptionally neat animal or an exceptionally cute animal.

Over the past seven months of living here I have seen the following out in the wild-

Chipmunks- The first time I saw one in October I was so surprised. They are so precious! They must have gone into hibernation all winter because they disappeared until about the beginning of April.

Rabbits- I love rabbits and think they are super cute! It always makes my day to see a rabbit.

Geese- Wow, they are everywhere!

Ducks- Sometimes you see them hanging out with the geese.

A Beaver!- I couldn't believe this one! Matt and I were on a side road right by a really big interstate and it walked across the road. We stopped the car and watched it go by.

Deer- We saw these all the time in Texas but it is still exciting to see a deer.

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